Swedana (fomentation therapy) is one of the treatment procedures in Ayurveda. It is done as the main treatment procedure for various vata vyadhi or as a pre-operative procedure for panchakarma depending upon the patient’s condition. Swedana is a procedure done to stimulate your sweat glands to increase perspiration and circulation. It alleviates vitiated vata and […]

Management Of Honey Bee Bite Through Ayurvda

Acharya Sushrutahas described various animal and insects poisons in his samhitas. In day-today life many of us face the insect bite and suffer with this. Makshika Dansha – honey bee bite is the condition in which rarely there is threat to life, but pain and burning of affected part is severe. Signs and symptoms Kandu […]


  Food plays a very important role in woman during fertility time. Pregnancy and breastfeeding place a large nutrient demand on a woman’s body. So woman who is willing to be a mother or pregnant should provide sufficient amount of nourishment. Women have a tendency to under-eat. Now days in an effort to achieve zero […]


Autism is a developmental disorder of neuro pathology characterized by impaired social interaction & communication, by restricted and repetitive behaviour before a child is 3 years old. Autism is one among the 5 PDDs (Prevasive Develpomental Disorders) Boys are affected 3 to 4 times more than girls. 24.8 Millon people are affected with autism world […]


  This is natural phenomenon which benefits to mother as well as child which should not be avoided. Ayurvedic scholars have praised and elaborately explained in the ancient books about many advantages of mother’s milk. Breastfeeding is the best method to give LOVE to the child. This makes a woman a “Complete Mother”. A child […]


Kamala (Jaundice) is the disease where we can observe direct involvement of Yakrit(Liver). Here “kama” means general willing and word “la” means to give up that is giving up of willing by humans. There are 2 causes by which a person can suffer from Kamala Direct involvement of doshas and dushyas (Bhaya and abhyantara hetus) […]


Aging is a process of physical, psychological and social change in multi dimensional aspects. The World population of the elderly is increasing and by the year 2050, adults older than 65 years will comprise 1/5th of the global population. In India 3.8% of the population are older than 65 years age.The cause of morbidity and […]


  Dates are fruits of Date palm. These are known as “Kharjura” in Sanskrit. Kharjura is a one of the commonly used fruits and is one among the Madhura triphala. TYPES OF KHAJURA ACCORDING TO TYPES       ACHARYA BHAVAMISHRA Bhumi kharjurika Chohara   RAJA NIGHANTU Kharjuri Raja kharjuri Bhu kharjuri SOME OF THE […]


Stress is a situation that triggers a biological response. Typically , after the response occurs, your body should relax. constant stress can lead to long term health issues. your body responds to stress by releasing hormones that increase your heart and breathing rates and your muscles to respond. But it sustains for a long time […]

Prachana karma

Susruta has considered raktamokshan as one of the five shodhana procedures , Prachana karma is a one type of raktha mokshan ( blood letting therapy ) in which koorcha sastra is used to make multiple pricks are made on affected area to ooze out vitiated blood and achieve dosha samyatha ( dosa balance ). By […]