Ayurvedic Perspective on COVID -19

Ayurveda – the most discussed matter in India and other countries in this pandemic time is going to make a great come back.  Ayurveda teaches us to fight the viruses, and also advise us so much about prevention. While  Ayurveda is very effective in identifying and treating the body or physical symptoms , it also gives us a  comprehensive knowledge about spiritual and  mental health.

Ayurveda in the  present context of Covid 19 or Corona Virus

In Ayurveda there are no differences or distinction between  Virus or bacteria. These are called Bhutas ..in the form of tiny invisible particles of viruses or bacteria from external factors.. called Agantuja vyadhi.

What happens to us when such Bhutas enter our body.. , we ayurvedic Vaidyas  measure  the sign and symptoms of the patient to assess the level of imbalances in our body and also will assess the immunity level of the patient.

Ayurveda treatments are classified in three types:
  1. Yuktivyapashraya Chikitsa ,it is a pharmacological treatment
  2. Satvavajaya Chikitsa (Psychotherapy) which is a non-pharmacological treatment
  3. Daivavyapashraya Chikitsa (A Divine Therapy) is of course a non-pharmacological approach.

Yukti vyapasya chikitsa: Let us understand this..

  1. Medicines – Reversal of imbalances of doshas: We provide Medicines such as kashayams, arishtams, choornas, vatis and lehyams, gruthams, based on sign and symptoms to reverse the imbalances caused by the virus, bacteria etc
  2. Cleansing therapies to cleanse the channels of the body. Panchakarma therapies to detoxify the systems such as vaman, virechan , vasti, nasya, rakthamokshana.
  3. Diet plans – Most important part of the treatment.
    the Nitya rasayana , which is a diet regime for regular intake of certain food on daily basis , such as rice, ghee , little bit of oil  and moong dal to strengthen , vital spirits, to promote health, body tissues and immune systems . We also advise to have rasayanas after panchakarma treatments. This includes avalehyams,  gruthams , etc.
  4. Eating practices– Vagbhata charya explained in his samvita “ Hita bhuk, mita bhuk, ritu bhuk . eat what is good for you.. what is regional to you,  eat as per seasons, eat vegetables or fruits available which is grown in that season. You need to make sure that you are eating light, warm and freshly prepared food. You need to  avoid preserved food and prefer fresh vegetables or fruits. Pl do not eat fruits along with lunch or dinner- these shall be taken in between meals.
  5. Fasting : Langanam paramaushadam: You can practice fasting for say 12 hours or 16 hours once in a while . You can also try this by skipping a meal once in 3 days of the  week
  6. Effective morning pracices:
    • You need to practice exercise- vyayam
    • Nasya-Pour two drops of til oil or coconut oil in nostrils which will help  improves immune system.
    • Oil pulling and gargling- Swishing of oil in your mouth  can remove the bacteria , cleanse the mouth and remove bad breadth.

Satvavajaya: self control of mind and the Strengthening of our psychicological system

A strong psychology is one of the biggest immune systems. Fear and hypertension plays a negative role in reducing our immune system substantially.
The treatments such as abhayangam and shirodhara helps improves the psychicological systems substantially and also reduces hypertension tremendously.  We should eliminate fear of any such diseases or imbalance.
Yoga , pranayama and  kapala pathi  are highly recomnded to strengthen the lungs and also to maintain a healthy mental equilibrium.

Daiva vyapashraya:

Daiva vyapashraya is an in-seperable spiritual process in the ayurvedic healing or in other words Karmic correction. Here comes the role of chanting mantra’s , making efforts to positive karmas to overcome the problems of the future.
We all know that humans have a huge amount of karmic debt to the nature.

So here is the beginning of our Life 2.0 by following :

  • Ushna, laghu and mita–Eat light, eat warm, eat on time and eat as per season
  • Change your life style – daily exercise, Yoga, Kapal bati and pranayama
  • Maintain mental equilibrium
  • Karma – Time to pay back to nature , human kind and to the society. Do positive karma.

“ Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu ”