Sinusitis is a condition in which the air-filled cavities in the facial bones get build up with mucus and there by leading to inflammations.

• Allergic reactions to some specific foods, pollen, dust ect.
• Nasal Polyp – a soft tissue growth in the nasal cavity
• Deviated nasal septum
• Infections by bacteria or virus
• Environmental factors like season changes, pollution etc

Clinical features:

• Facial pain, especially in the sinus opening areas
• Nasal congestion which leads to difficulty in breathing
• Nasal discharge
• Head ache, especially while drooping the head down

Ayurveda considers sinusitis as uparodha of vata by kapha which leads to prathishyaya. And it details the treatments which helps in relieving the uparodha there by helping vata to move freely.
Travancore Ayurveda helps you in dealing with the Ayurvedic treatments for sinusitis which will help you to cure it from the cause. Treatments like Lepam on the sinus area, dhoopam with medicated herbs etc. can relive the nasal blockage and there by helps in easy breathing. Panchakarma treatments like Nasyam is a very important treatment in Sinusitis condition which helps you to flush out the inflamed sputum collected in the sinuses. It also helps to strengthen the facial muscles and nerves. Following a healthy diet as per the doctor’s advise is also essential in keeping you away from Sinusitis issues.



-Chandra Sekhar