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Ayurvedic summer tips


Summer is at the peak with severe heat conditions… let’s glance through this season from an Ayurvedic view… This season is known as ‘Greeshma Rutu’ according to Ayurveda.

Greeshma name has derived from the Sanskrit word – “Grasaret” ie ‘Grasaret rasan’ one which absorbs all ‘rasa’ – liquid from body.

Due to severe heat conditions in the summer season, body loses liquid contents

  • Period – From April to June (full summer)
  • Charactor – Excess heat and dryness

vata – dosha sanchay and prakop

  • Resulting in –
  • Degenerative diseases like – Spondylitis, Osteoarthritis, Muscularskeleton
  • Skin dryness and tanning
  • Hair problems like dryness and dull hair
  • Genito – urinary problems
  • Sun stroke
  • Immune-deficiency problem – Flu, Cough, Cold, Diarrhoea

Food advised for the season

  1. Madhura(Sweet)
  2. Sheet(Cold)
  3. Liquids, Juices, Plenty of water
  4. Lightly cooked Non-veg
  5. Seasonal Fruits

Foods to avoid:

  1. Alcoholic Breverages
  2. Lavana(Salty)
  3. Katu(Spicy and Chilly)
  4. Amla(Sour)
  5. Ati Ushna(Too hot)

Activities Suggested:

  1. Diva Swapam(Nap During Day)
  2. Stay in cool place

Refrain From:

  1. Excessive Physical Activities
  2. Excessive Sexual Activities

Tips to follow for the season:

  • Avoid sitting in Air conditioned rooms/halls
  • Apply ayurvedic cooling powders
  • Add neem leaves in bathing water
  • Use luke warm water for bathing
  • Consume seasonal fruits
  • Avoid milkshakes, curds
  • Have buttermilk
  • Add pinch of ginger or ghee to mango pulp before consuming it
  • Wear light colored, cotton loose clothes
  • Apply sunscreen, moisturizers, aloe vera gel/ cream, cucumber gel
  • Use caps, hats, umbrella
  • Cook rice by using fresh rice grains(nava dhanya)
  • Salad – white onion +pinch of salt +pinch of black pepper +thick buttermilk
  • Magic water – water, coriander seeds, jeera, fennel seeds, crystal sugar

Ayurvedic therapies to strengthen our body, mind and soul

Take Ayurvedic therapies which keep our body and mind cool.

  1. Shirodhara
  2. Takradhara
  3. Ksheerdhara
  4. Jaladhara
  5. Lepanam
  6. Abhyanganam(With Cool Oil)

Cherish this season with Ayurveda and enjoy this Greeshma Rutu.

Dr. Smita, B.A.M.S


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