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Ayurveda, Love making and Healthy babies


Ayurveda being the famed science of life takes procreation very seriously. For its roots are deeply entwined with noble, higher brain dominant virtues, which subtly and beautifully convey that a deep, loving and pure relationship gives birth to healthy children, the future of the society, who go on to build, progress and make this world a better place.

Unlike the other popular indian text which describes extensively, copulation for pleasure, Ayurveda exclusively deals with the subject for procreating disease free progeny. Importantly, procreation should not be an accident. One should be consciously aware of the profundity and the consequences of such an act.


Ideally, 8th day to 16th day, counting the first day as the start of menstruations is a good time. Depending upon the length of the cycle, and looking for signs of ovulation one can pick a date as late as possible before the 16 the day. Ayurveda believes, coitus post 16th day of cycle will give birth to weak babies.


The first and second prahar of night that is from 8:30 pm to 1:30 pm is a good time to indulge in love making. For healthy babies, coitus should be avoided in day time and after midnight.


Unknown, foreign and new places should be avoided. You should be in the comfort of your home on your bed. The sheets should be white or light coloured and clean. The room should be arranged, with not a thing out of place. In a nicely set environment, with natural fragrances of incense, flowers, lamps, helping the mind stay cleared and focussed on the act.


The couple should be happy, free of worries, deeply in love with bounty of trust and respect. Ayurveda strongly believes that the feelings and thoughts of parents before and during the act of love making transcend to the psyche of the soon to be conceived.

One should refrain from making love when aggrieved, afflicted with hate, anger, fear, distrust or any such negative thoughts.


 The couple should be healthy, have a good digestion, should not be hungry, thirsty, in pain, having an urge to pass urine and should not have eaten just before the act.

They should be dressed in light coloured comfortable clothes and the woman should step into the bed with her left leg first and the man with his right leg.


Ayurveda is exceptionally strict about this one. Like the elements of nature, the woman being the receiver should lie below on her back and receive from the man on top.

Children conceived in any other position are known to have various disorders of vata.

Dr. Zeel Gandhi ( B.A.M.S.)

Travancore Ayurveda, Hyderabad


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