Nadi Pariksha

Travancore Ayurveda is conducting the Sri Sri Tattva Nadi Pariksha Camp.

Nadi Pariksha is a unique method of diagnosis in Ayurveda. The pulse of the patient is examined by a specially trained doctor. This leads to perfect diagnosis of diseases and hence ensures a definite cure at the root cause.

We welcome everyone to benefit from this opportunity.

Nadi pariksha ascertains the prakriti (body type) of a patient, can forewarn latent diseases, cure the existing problems, and suggest preventive measures by providing counsel on diet and lifestyle.

Please avail consultation on empty stomach, or after a gap of 2 ½ hrs post meal.

Call us to know more and to book an appointment.

S.No Center Name Date Day
1 Jubilee Hills 26-04-2019 Friday
2 Gachibowli 27-04-2019 Saturday
3 Madinaguda 28-04-2019 Sunday
4 Vijayawada 29-04-2019 Monday
5 Visakhapatnam 01-05-2019 Wednesday
6 Sainikpuri 04-05-2019 Saturday
7 Nallagandla 05-05-2019 Sunday
8 Bangalore (Jayanagar)
S.No Center Name Date Day
1 Jubilee Hills 09-03-2019 Saturday
2 Gachibowli 10-03-2019 Sunday
3 Vijayawada (MG road) 15-03-2019 Wednesday
4 Madinaguda 16-03-2019 Saturday
5 Nallagandla 17-03-2019 Sunday
6 Visakhapatnam (Dasapalla Hills) 21-03-2019 Wednesday
7 Sainikpuri 23-03-2019 Saturday
8 Bangalore (Jayanagar) 24-03-2019 Sunday