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Importance of Detoxification

What is Detox?

  • Detoxification includes resting, cleansing and nourishing the body inside-out. It includes removing and eliminating toxins from the body and then feeding it with healthy nutrients. It helps you to protect from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health through a range of methods including Panchakarma, Diet, Yoga and Meditation.

Who needs detox treatments?

  • Anyone who has a busy lifestyle, eating unhealthy foods and Drinks, No time to Exercise, Consuming Oily, fried foods, Alcohol, Smoking, and Sedentary lifestyle
  • Lots of people all over the world are interested in detox and the topic is getting plenty of attention. But the concept has a long tradition behind it.
  • According to Ayurveda impaired Agni (Digestive strength) results in an accumulation of undigested metabolic intermediate products (Ama). It acts as a toxin in the body and can inhibit the free transportation of substances through the body’s natural pathways because of its sticky properties and facilitates the development of illness. A healthy organism is capable of eliminating/excreting accumulated Ama with the help of a well-functioning digestive system. A weakened organism encourages the development of Ama, thus facilitating the occurrence of various medical conditions.


Detox Benefits


Benefits of Detox

  • Detox therapy takes the strain off our body like a good spring-clean, allowing a return to health and restoring inner strength.
  • The aim of our Ayurvedic detox treatment is always to restore equilibrium to the Doshas, to improve Agni and to eliminate Ama. This is achieved by using the most effective method for restoring dynamic balance: Panchakarma therapy.
  • The goal of Panchakarma is not to remove physical toxins alone, but truly restore the mind-body system back to a healthy state of balance on all levels – including the mind and emotions.
  • It also helps to
    • Restore a sense of calm to the mind and the nervous system.
    • Nurture an improved sense of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life.
    • Support the maintenance of a healthy body weight.
    • Restore and maintain balanced sleep cycles.
    • Promote regular and balanced elimination.
    • Prepare the tissues for deep nourishment and rejuvenation.
    • Promote optimal health.


Dr Ritesh Lahoti,M.D (Kayachikitsa)

Centre Head -Gachibowli

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