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Swedana (fomentation therapy) is one of the treatment procedures in Ayurveda. It is done as the main treatment procedure for various vata vyadhi or as a pre-operative procedure for panchakarma depending upon the patient’s condition.

Swedana is a procedure done to stimulate your sweat glands to increase perspiration and circulation. It alleviates vitiated vata and kapha dosha. It helps to reduce pain, stiffness, heaviness and coldness in your body.

Indications and Contraindication of Swedana:

Swedana is indicated in asthma, cough, running nose, sinusitis, flatulence, constipation, heaviness, stiffness, joint pain, musculoskeletal pain, spasticity and various vatavyadhi like paralysis, osteoarthritis, low back ache, etc.

You should not undergo swedana if you are dehydrated, feeling thirsty and weak, suffering from very dry skin, dizziness, ascites, inflammation of the skin, edema, fever, anemia and jaundice, after consumption of alcohol and women should not undergo swedana during their pregnancy and menstruation.

Following are the few swedana procedures, which you can undergo in a reputed Ayurvedic clinic, and its benefits:

Sweda Type Effective In
1)Patrapinda Sweda Various Pains Caused Due To Vitiated Vata
2)Jambeera Pinda Sweda Frozen Shoulder
3)Upanah Sweda Osteoarthritis, Tennis Elbow, Cervical Spondylosis ,Heel Pain
4)Avagaha Sweda Hemorrhoids, Sciatica Pain And Hip Joint Pain
5)Choorna Pinda Sweda Rheumatoid Arthritis, Low Back Pain, Sciatica Pain, Gout Arthritis, Obesity
6)Shashitaka Shali Pinda Sweda Paralysis, Muscular Dystrophy, Emaciation, And Spasticity,
7)Dhanyamla Dhara Rhumatoid Conditions, Obesity,
8)Kayasekam /Pizhichil Vata Dominant Pain And Paralysis

These procedures are done for about 45-60 minutes for 7-14 consecutive days depending on the patient’s condition. Before undergoing these procedures, you need to undergo a thorough examination by an Ayurvedic physician

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