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“Welcome to An Ayurvedic Detox retreat program of Travancore Ayurveda  . Nasya karma is one of the 5 Internal  detox programs – Shodhana Karma  . let’s discuss about Nasya karma “

Nasyam is one of the powerful Panchakarma therapy. Ayurveda considers nostrils to be the direct way to the brain and Nasyam therapy that involves administering of medicated herb oils through the nose.

Types ofNasyam.

1)Virechanai Nasyaam

2)Pradhamana Nasyam

3)Snehna Nasyam

4)Shamana Nasyam

5) Pratimarshya


Types of Nasyam

Virechana Nasyam: This method involves pouring down ghee or herbal oils down the nasal passage to clear off toxins and eliminate the same accumulated in the throat or head. Also known as the cleansing Nasyam or Shodhana Nasyam, this method acts to get rid of the doshas immediately from the head region.

Experts hail Virechana Nasyam as an efficient way to treat Kapha-related problems like headaches, skin diseases, cysts, colds, eye diseases, swelling, itching, and stiffness.

Pradhamana Nasyam:In this type of Nasyam treatment, dry powders, instead of oils are administered into the nose using a tube. It is effective in the treatment of conditions like sinusitis, hoarseness of voice, nasal congestion as well as chronic diseases like tumors and cervical lymph.

All forms of Nasya treatment aim at alleviating Kapha-related disorders from the body, and hence, all of the therapies are commonly a form of Virechana Nasyam. Another form of the Virechana Nasyam is the Shirovirechana Nasyam, which uses herbs with strong potency.

SnehanaNasyam:Also called Brihmana Nasyam, the Snehana Nasyam administers medicated oil mixed with camphor or other plant extracts into the nose. It works best for dry sinuses, dry nose, and stiffness in the neck, bursitis, and loss of sense of smell.

Shamana Nasyam: This form of Nasya treatment uses milk, medicated oils, decoctions, and teas to treat disorders caused due to Pitta imbalance and vitiation of blood. It can prevent premature wrinkles, graying and thinning of hair, discoloration on the face, diseases of the eyes, etc.

Pratimarshya: The Pratimarshya form of Nasya treatment is an excellent therapy for opening up deep nasal tissues and relieving stress. It is suitable for individuals of any age and can be given in any season in the morning or evening. Pratimarshya therapy is generally performed after a head massage, oil pulling, applying collegium .



Benefits of Nasyam


  • Remove toxic from all the channels and cavities from Brain, Neck, Nose, eyes ear and throat.
  • Cures Sinus and Hairfall
  • Sinus nasal Congestion and asthma
  • Improves Memory Power
  • Strengths Sensory Organs
  • Revitalize the brain and nervous system
  • Relives Headache and stress, Neck and cervical spondylosis
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Improves skin Complexion, hair health and premature Grey hair
  • Nasyam benefits brain function

Contra indications;

  • During pregnancy and those who have undergone for nasal surgery.
  • Not advised for children below 7years or people above 80years.

After immediate head bath.



After Nasyam – Don’t rinse Your Hair immediately after treatment.

Avoid direct sunlight, cold wind, Ac and fan etc.





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