Nasal Polyps Treatment In Ayurveda

Nasyam is one among the panchakarma treatments said in Ayurveda. Massage with medicated oil is done on the face, neck and shoulders and is then exposed to herbal steam. After attaining proper sweating, medicine is instilled through the nose. Dhoshas accumulated in the sinuses are expelled out through the mouth. Post procedure cleaning of mouth and nose are also done with dhoomapana and gargling. As this is a panchakarma treatment, there will be strict restrictions for food and activities, which our doctors will inform you before starting the treatment.

Benefits of Nasyam:

  • Detoxification of neck and above area
  • Highly effective in Migraine, Sinusitis, Head ache etc.
  • Helpful in Hair loss, Dandruff etc.
  • Improves sleep and boosts memory
  • Good in neurological diseases involving brain and spinal cord