Our People

Our People

Travancore Ayurveda values its employees and their families, who takes care of our patients.  At Travancore Ayurveda , we do conduct regular fun at work activities  to keep them positive and happy at workplace. As we know , happy workforce ensure that they take care of patients very well.

We thank each and every employee for their contribution to the organization and society.

Staff events

Travancore Champions League 

Date : 05-10-2022

 We have conducted the most popular “Travancore Ayurveda Champions League. It was fun to have all senior leaders and the staff play together as a team in the events.

Onam celebrations for the staff

Date : 08-08-2022

Conducted the Onam pookkalam competition and also best dressed team. All the team participated the event. All our wonderful staff dressed in Kerala dress attire and had a great festival and team event.