Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Fall

What is Hair Fall?

When new hair does not replace the hair that has fallen out, loss of hair can happen from part of the body or head. Severity varies from a small area to the entire body.

Symptoms of Hair Fall:

● Sudden loosening of hair
● Gradual thinning of the top of the head
● Patches of scaling over the scalp
It is normal to have 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. Normally we don’t notice it because new hair is growing there simultaneously. Hair loss occurs when new hair does not replace the fallen hair.

Causes of Hair Fall:

As per Ayurveda, hair thinning or receding hairline in men and women is caused due to imbalance in the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha). Imbalance in mind-body equilibrium does contribute a significant role in this context. All our tissues that grow outside the body, like hair, nails, and teeth, are part of the bone system. Hence bone health decides the health of the hair.
Hair fall can be the result of hereditary, hormonal changes, medical conditions or a normal part of ageing.
Hair fall can be associated with high-stress levels. Significant stress pushes a large number of hair follicles into a resting phase. Within a few affected hairs might fall out suddenly when simply combing or washing your hairs.

Ayurvedic treatments in Travancore Ayurveda for Hair fall:

Ayurveda has two main forms of treatment Shodana and Shamana. Panchakarma detoxifies the body and improves the circulatory system in the body. This rejuvenates hair follicles and ensures that they receive the necessary nutrients. Not all five treatments are needed to treat hair disorders.

Main Hair Fall Treatments include:

● Nasya:

Nasya is the application of ayurvedic medication through the nostrils. In its travel through the nostrils, the oil reaches the membrane at the entrance of the brain and alerts the nerves that connect the brain to the scalp.

● Thalapodichil:

A widely recommended ayurvedic treatment involving herbal pastes of medicinal value. Thalapodichil helps to relax and calm down, treats scalp diseases, reduces hair fall and improves memory.

● Shirodhara:

A gentle yet continuous stream of warm, medicated oil on the forehead. In some cases, oils are replaced by medicated liquids as well.

● Internal medications:

Apart from external treatments, internal medications also play a vital role in managing hair fall.


Food that is bitter or sweet can be beneficial in treating hair loss. As per Ayurveda, hair is a by-product of bone tissue formation. Since iron is essential for healthy bones, it is also essential for healthy hairs.
Along with this, other food items strengthen the liver and purify the blood. It can also help treat scalp and hair conditions.

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