Skin Disease Feedback

I did not know psoriasis is till I got affected by it, and I was obviously so nervous and scared thinking about it. Dr. Smita whom I now call my doctor was very helpful to me. She Supported me in every aspect, she made sure I was totally comfortable in this heavenly place. My experiences in Travancore Ayurveda are phenomenal one which I would most cherish. And I’m really thankful to the marvelous therapists and the doctor. I noticed that the other clients are happy with the results just like me. Travancore ayurveda is a place that assures people are happier and healthier than before.

Miss. Vishnu Priya


I was having severe psoriasis disease and was very much disturbed because of this, I came to Travancore and under went vivechanam and vanaman. I am almost fully recovered now and feeling much better. Thanks for the help and all you did for my recovery.

Mr Eshwar Singh Khatak


I am vijay kumar I am suffering from psoriasis from the year 2005 and I have tried various modalities with little benefit but ayurvedic medicines gave to me good results but while I was browsing I am came across this facility called “Travancore Ayurveda” and somehow I ended up here and met Dr.Smita. After the initial meeting, I started my treatment process with “Takradhara”. I felt the change in the second & third sitting itself and I really felt some miracle took place. All the staff members are really with a positive attitude and Dr.Smita assured me that she will do her best in making me as a normal human. The therapists are really well trained and their suggestion also motivated me positively. I used to hide at home before starting my treatment here but now my confidence levels came up and I am sure that I will go out anywhere I want without any hesitancy within few days.I will suggest Travancore Ayurveda if any one asks me about ayurvedic treatment. I am really happy for the change they brought in my health.

Mr Vijay Kumar