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Prachana karma

Susruta has considered raktamokshan as one of the five shodhana procedures , Prachana karma is a one type of raktha mokshan ( blood letting therapy ) in which koorcha sastra is used to make multiple pricks are made on affected area to ooze out vitiated blood and achieve dosha samyatha ( dosa balance ). By this procedure the blood oozes out from the diseased area . Thus the vitiated doshas are expelled out and the disease is cured.

Indications of Prachana karma diseases produced due to vitiation of blood, locally accumulated vitiated raktha, localized skin diseases ,glandular enlargement, alopecia

Procedure: A tourniquet is applied over the affected area, by using a sharp pointed edged instrument multiple pricks are made over the disease area. the pricks are made in a specific manner as mentioned below .

  • Pricks are made from bottom to upward direction
  • Pricks are to be made parallel to each other
  • Pricks shouldn’t be too superficial or too deep
  • Pricks over the prick should be avoided
  • Thus the whole area of the disease should be covered
  • Bleeding stops on its own
  • When satisfactory amount of blood oozes out the tourniquet has to be removed .if excessive bleeding is observed then the raktasthambaka drugs like ushiradi choorna has to be applied

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