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Agni karma


Is an ayurvedic treatment that longs back 2000 years and is gaining appreciation in this era because of its miraculous result in the field of treatment The treatment done with the help of fire ( Agni) is called as Agni Karma.

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  • So the procedure done with fire is called Agni Karma.
  • It mainly deals with pain relief.
  • A high temperature is induced into a specific focused area which is confirmed or diagnosed as affected area in the body.
  • Mainly the painful area or the root of the cause of pain is selected. After the introduction of heavy temperature the, area is cooled immediately with Ayurvedic herbs.
  • This process is known as Agni Karma.


Susrutha Samhitha Suthra Sthana 12th chapter describes Agni Karma.

It Is included in “Anusastra” by him

Agni Karma“can be” correlated to thermal cauterization, but not exactly that.

Why Agni Karma?

Thadhagddhanam roganamapunarbhavat…

bheshajasasthra ksharairasadhyanam…

tat sadhyatwa cha!!!

What drug will not cure, knife cures!!!

What the knife will not cure, cautery cures!!!

What cautery will not cure, must be considered as incurable!!!


There is no chance of recurrence of the disease.

Diseases that do not respond to Medicine, Surgery, and Kshara Karma can be treated.

When Agni Karma?

When pain is aggravated by Vata in the skin, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and bone Agni Karma can be used.

But it has to be done only if Vaidya is sure that no other methods are working

How did Agni karma work?

  • Application of Agni or heat raises the local temperature spontaneously, which leads to dilatation of local blood vessels thus increased tissue perfusion occurs.
  • This clears the accumulated metabolic waste which is causing the local inflammation.
  • It resolves the inflammation then the pain will be reduced
  • Application of high temperature to the tiny focused area and it gets instantly cooled… this activates the nerve impulses and it leads to muscular contraction, thus the pain relief.

Indication in current practice.

Though in texts Agni karma is indicated in different diseases, Agni Karma is currently practiced mainly in pain management Like..

Sciatica Pain

Mechanical back pain

Peri Arthritis

Frozen shoulder

Cervical pain

Tennis elbow

Plantar Fasciitis

Viral Warts etc..


  • It is done with an instrument called Agni Karma Salaka
  • Acharya has also said many other things about Agni karma
  • Which is heated in a fire to read hot and is applied to the affected area
  • Then that area is cooled with herbs
  • After the treatment, the area where we have done the procedure is left open to have touch with the air


It is the instrument commonly used for agni karma

It is made up of a combination of 5 metals (Pancha loha)

  1. Tamra (Copper)- 40%
  2. Loha (Iron)-30%
  3. Yasada (Zinc)-10%
  4. Yasada (Zinc)-10%
  5. Rajatha (Silver) -10 %
  6. Swarna (gold)-10%

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