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Immune System

“A healthy Immune systems equals a healthy body”

All of us have Immune systems built-in our various organs in our body. These immune systems are aligned and well organised in a very effective manner to protect, fight and limits the viruses, bacteria and harmful pathogens.
Our immune system is our primary defence mechanism protecting us to a larger extent from virus attacks and illness.
There are two types of Immune systems in our body.
1- Innate immunity systems: Innate immune cells are the first line of defence. They identify microbes and other potential threats, triggering a response to fight them out .
2- Adaptive Immunity systems: Adaptive immune cells are the second line of defence involved as a back -up of an immune response. Adaptive cells will search and accumulate the leftover organisms to fight the virus or infection out of the body.

Immunity System


How can we maintain and improve our Immune system as a part of our daily lifestyle?

  1. Sleep well – 7 to 8 hours – Immune systems gets active with good sleep.
  2. Drink up to 8-10 glasses of water every day- Stay hydrated, which will flush out of toxins out of the body and hence maintains immunity levels.
  3. Practice self- care – reading book, following your favourite hobby to keep your mind calm and happy, to reduce stress. Stress suppresses the immune systems.
  4. Eating healthy food – high nutrient foods, vegetables fruits etc- Vitamins and minerals are the lifelines of our immune system.
  5. Stay active – exercise to keep immune system active and keep at optimum levels- keep the immune system functioning at optimum levels.

Needless to say, present pandemic has alerted the entire world about the importance of Immunity, being conscious about immunity and so eager to know about how we can increase immunity.

The present necessity is to increase the immunity and how can we do?

We can always try to raise our immunity by consuming supplements and disciplined lifestyle We recommend consulting a Doctor to understand the need for specific nutrients.

Let’s discuss about few supplements and super foods:

    1. Vitamin C: is one of the very important need for building immunity. Vit C prevents common cold and flu and is a powerful antioxidant.
    2. Vitamin D: is a new deficiency in most of the people. Vit D protects us from respiratory tract infections which can lead to many other health complications. Hence, we strongly suggest meeting a Doctor to check your Vit D level and if deficient, start supplements at the earliest.
    3. Turmeric: One of the major components in Turmeric is the curcumin which boosts the immune function substantially.
    4. Garlic: has the best anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties which helps enhancing the immunity of the body.

supplements and super foods

Apart from the above, we have learned during the pandemic that there are various suggested lifestyle practices which can help boost our immunity.

  1. Drink warm water all day.
  2. Pranayama, Yoga and Meditation can keep our mind and body stress free.
  3. Turmeric with milk – Golden milk is best taken in the morning or at bedtime for best effects. It has so many benefits including building immunity.
  4. Drink herbal tea or warm Ayush Kwath which is decoction of Holy basil, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Dry Ginger.
  5. Jaggery shall be used in place of Sugar. Consumption of jaggery helps in digestive health, prevent anaemia, liver detoxification and improving immunity.
  6. Apply Ghee (clarified butter), Sesame oil, or Coconut oil in both the nostrils to keep the nostrils clean. In Ayurveda, we call Anu Thailam which fights allergies relating to nose, head  and throat.
  7. Inhale steam with Mint leaves which can weaken the viruses or infection.


benefits of pranayama


Lets all build a good immunity not just for us , for the entire community to face present  difficult pandemic situations and also to protect from potential pandemic or virus attack in future.

There is a very interesting quote about your immune system.  Your immune systems has probably silently saved your life thousands of times

 Sukhino Bhavantu

        Dr Smita KattiGotur, B. A. M. S

Head of Practice & Governance

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