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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is a medical condition, where a non-cancerous enlargement of Prostate gland occurs which then obstructs the free flow of urine. Prostate is a gland seen only in males which secretes prostatic fluid which helps in nourishment of sperm cells after ejaculation. Usually, BPH occurs in males who are above 40 years old and the chance of occurrence increases with age, having a 75% chance to those who are above 60 years age.

Actual cause of BPH is still unknown, but in Ayurveda, it is said that those ahara (food) and vihara (activities) which vitiates the Kapaha and Vata doshas in body can lead to symptoms resembling to those of BPH. Also blocking the urge to urinate, holding urine for a long time etc can also lead to BPH related symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of BPH:

  • Increased frequency of urination especially during night.
  • Incontinence or inability to hold urine even for a short time.
  • Dribbling of urine at the end of voiding.
  • Weak or non-continuous stream of urine.
  • Inability to empty the bladder completely.

Ayurvedic treatment of BPH:

Ayurveda considers BPH as a vitiation of vata dosha due to rodha (block) in the passage of mootra vega (urine). And hence the treatment mainly concentrates on removing the rodha by administering medications and therapies that pacifies vata and kapha doshas.

Before starting the treatments necessary investigations like blood and urine tests, ultra-sonography of abdomen and pelvis has to be done. Internal medicines such as medicated ghee, kashaya, tablets etc are given as per the severity of disease. Along with these samana and shodhana therapies such as Snehapana, Virechana, Avagaha sweda, Picu, Sneha and Kashaya vastis etc are also done according to the condition. Diet regulations and slight exercises are also advised after and during the course of treatment.

BPH is a condition which can be treated and cured easily with Ayurvedic therapies and medicines. Most conditions that require surgery by modern medicine can be cured with Ayurvedic approach if properly treated following the instructions of qualified doctors. Travancore Ayurveda’s expert doctors can help you in treating your prostate and relieve you from BPH.

Dr. A. M. Nizamudheen, B.A.M.S
Center Head – Sainikpuri
Travancore Ayurveda.

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