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Food and Health


You all may think why there should be a discussion on diet every time?

 The reason is very simple –One who desires to make progress in life, carrier, and health should seriously follow the proper diet. An improper diet is an obstacle to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

A proper diet not only nourishes the body but also works as a nectar, while an improper diet works as a poison and damages the body in various ways…..”As is the diet- so is the health”

It is commonly known that vegetarians are of peaceful nature, while non-vegetarians are of hot nature. Our food consists of concrete things such as solid foods, liquids, air, light and abstract things such as thoughts, imaginations and feelings. In all the ancient books of Ayurveda, Yogashastra, Bhagwadgeeta suitableness and unsuitableness of food has been explained very clearly.

Ones diet should be nutritious, sweet, tasty and oily. More over it should please and satisfy the mind.

“Pushtam Sumadhuram Snigdham Dhatupraposhanam <br> Manobhilashitam Yogyam bhojanam Aacharet”

 This kind of food is called as Satwik aahra.

According to Bhagawadgeeta, Lord Krisha also explains about 3 types of Aahara and Vrutti of person.

1.Satwik Aahara

“Ayuh-sattva-balarogya-sukha-priti-vivardhanah Rasyah snigdhah sthira hrdyaaharah sattvika-priyah”

Satvik foods promote longitivity, virtue, strength, happinss and joy. Thus food is juicy, smooth, substantial and nutritious. Person in the mode of goodness like such foods. Satvik foods are those that lead to clarity of mind and physical health. Those foods are to be consumed on a regular basis .Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Dairy products, Honey comes under this category

2. Rajasik aahara

“katv-amla-lavanaty-usna-tiksna-ruksa-vidahinah ahara rajasasyestaduhkha-sokamaya-pradah”

Rajasik foods are those that are very bitter, sour, salty, hot, pungent, dry, and burning. Such kind food will cause pain, grief and disease.Rajasik food are liked by persons in the mode of passion.

Rajasic foods are those that have a stimulating effect on the mind and body. These foods lead to aggressiveness and irritability. For instance, the meat of hens, birds, fishes etc fall under this.

In order to live an active life and work hard one needs to consume Rajasic food. Satvic food no doubt is the best food for the mind and body, but unfortunately it lacks many vital nutrients like VitaminB12, D3, Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), Hem-iron, and Tourane. These vitamins can be found only in fishes and meats. Vegetarians often suffer from one of these vitamin deficiencies.

3. Tamasik Aahara

“ yata-yamam gata-rasamputi paryusitam ca yat ucchistam api camedhyambhojanam tamasa-priyam”

Food cooked more than three hours before, that is cold, tasteless, without aroma, stale, decomposed, foods that are amedyam i.e. the food which are forbidden for offering to the supreme lord such as meat, beef, pork, fish, eggs, wine, alcohol, garlic and mushrooms which come from fungus and are impure and preferred by those in Tama guna.

These foods are said to have sedative effect on the mind and body. According to yoga, these foods are to be avoided as they can cause mental dullness and physical numbness. In Hinduism red meats such as beef and pork are prohibited as they are thought to increase the tamasic gunas in a person. Pigs and swine for instance, prefer to live in filthy areas and eat filth, and if a person consumes their flesh, he/she will be led through the mode of ignorance.

Satvik ahara is Tridosha Hara i.e which helps to keep balance between all trioshas like vata pitta and kapaha. On the other hand Rajasik and Tamasik aahara is tridoshavardhaka and make imbalance in tridosha and damages the sapta dhatu, Which in turn the cause of all diseases.

At the end I would like to share only one thing,

Aahara –food is the replica of our nature. If we really want to change our nature we should change our food habits first and then take more effort on yoga, pranayama and meditation. It’s been proven that the person having satvik aahara, pursue satvika guna who are usually less affected with health problems.

Choose your food-choose your character- choose your health. Your health is in your hand.

Stay healthy and be blessed.

Dr Smita

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