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Panchakarma – For Healthy Life

In Ayurveda, Swasth Person is a person who enjoys his normal life. The objective Ayurveda is to maintain health of a healthy person and treat the ailment or issues when it occurs in body
“Swasthasya swasthya rakshanam”
“Aaturasya Vikar prashamanam”
Ayurvedic Treatment or Chikitsa is mainly carried out in two ways
Shodhana Chikitsa ( 5 Detoxifications methods ) and Shamana Chikitsa ( medications )

Lets us first understand the basic pillars of the body.
Vitiation of these Doshas produces imbalance in the form and gives rise to illness, diseases. This dis-harmony in normal physiology of the body is the reason for issues of health . The cause of these vitiation may be due to natural factors and some times due to causative factors . These are seasonal, diurnal and digestion related. There is also an age related dominance of the tridoshas.
The Tridoshas are the elements of life, because they give the body a definite form at time of conception which can’t be changed afterwards.
Panchakarma for healthy life
Kapha Upto 16 yrs 6 am to 10 am Vasant Rutu( Mar-Apr)
Pitta 16 to 60 Yrs 10 am to 2 pm Sharad Rutu( Sep-Oct)
Vata Above 60 yrs 2 pm to 6 pm Varsha Rutu (Jul-Aug)

The months mentioned above are not hard and fast as this may vary as per climatic conditions .

Due to unhealthy life style and food habits, there are lot of vitiation of tridoshas. The toxins ( vitiated Doshas) due to such vitiations will accumulate in their respective parts of the body . These accumulated Doshas need to be eliminated by the seasonal Panchakarma procedures … Shodhana Karma .

Panchakarmas are for elimination of the excessively accumulated Doshas .

The accumulated Doshas which are eliminated by panchakarma procedures will ensure possibilities of causing diseases are minimised. While Langhana Pachana treatments are effective to certain extent, Panchakarma can eliminate the accumulated doshas more effectively.

Vitiation of Dosha or excessive accumulation of the dosha does not always mean that person is in diseased state. Keeping this principle in mind , even a normal healthy adult can undergo panchakarma to maintain the balanced health.

Panchakarmas are

  • Vamanam
  • Virechanam
  • Vasti
  • Nasyam
  • Raktamokshanam

Let us understand which karma should ideally be performed in which time or rutu through following chart.

Vitiated Dosha Panchakarma Season or rutu to perform
Kapha Vamanam Vasanta
Pitta Virechanam Sharad
Vata Vasti Vasanta
Rakta Raktamokshanam Sharad
Head neck diseases Nasyam During whole year


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