Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological disorder that effects the movements and fine motor activities of the body. It occurs due the decreased production of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which helps in regulation of mood, movements and other functions of body.


Even though the exact cause of Parkinson’s Disease is still unknown, some risk factors are present which can lead to it. It includes age (above 60 years), use of some toxins, pesticides, chemicals etc., chronic inflammatory diseases of brain and chronic stress.

Clinical features:

  • Tremor in extremities especially while initiating movements
  •  Bradykinesia – Slowness or sluggishness of movements
  • Rigidity in upper and lower limbs and in trunk
  • Loss of balance and coordination
  • Difficulty in speaking, writing, swallowing etc.
  • Sleep disturbances and mood changes


In Ayurveda Parkinson’s Disease is termed as Kampa vata. It is caused due to the obstruction of vata by kapha.
Our doctors in Travancore Ayurveda treat Parkinson’s disease in a very classical way which can arrest the progress of the disease and helps the patient regains his strength and balance. Udwarthanam, Dhanyamla dhara etc. are some treatments which can help in reducing the stiffness in the body and joints. Abhyanga different types of Kizhi, pizhichil, Njavarakizhi etc. can regain the strength of muscles and nerves. Shiro dhara, thalapodichil, nasyam etc like treatments also helps in the stimulation of brain and nerve cells.