Month: April 2019


  Obesity is one of the common lifestyle disorder many are suffering today. It has the deleterious effect both on  body and mind. WHO declared it as a global epidemic disorder. Worldwide atleast 2.8million die every year due to over weight. It is  the root cause for many other aliments like diabetes, cardiac disorders, atherosclerosis, […]

Ayurveda, Love making and Healthy babies

  Ayurveda being the famed science of life takes procreation very seriously. For its roots are deeply entwined with noble, higher brain dominant virtues, which subtly and beautifully convey that a deep, loving and pure relationship gives birth to healthy children, the future of the society, who go on to build, progress and make this […]

Akshi - Eye

Akshi – Eye – What you must know

  Akshi, or eyes, are a gift of God to enjoy the nature. As per Ayurveda, it is an important organ of our body, one among the five sense organs. All Pancha mahanhootas are involved in maintaining the health of the Eye. Earth ( Prithvi) : governs the muscular part of the Eye, Water (aap) […]

Ayurvedic summer tips

  Summer is at the peak with severe heat conditions… let’s glance through this season from an Ayurvedic view… This season is known as ‘Greeshma Rutu’ according to Ayurveda. Greeshma name has derived from the Sanskrit word – “Grasaret” ie ‘Grasaret rasan’ one which absorbs all ‘rasa’ – liquid from body. Due to severe heat […]

Rice the rogue, really?

  Ayurvedic physicians and their fabled lengthy list of Do’s and Don’t s are well known. It makes me happy when the patients ask, what not to eat doctor? I deeply respect these individuals and appreciate their courage of listening to a NO for eating their favorite dish or food item. One question, very frequently […]


  Ageing is natural process. After the age of forty the aging process is characterized by declining physical performance which impairs all facets of well being. However although old age is inevitable, it could be made bearable. Old age is characterized by the following conditions Decrease in strength and power of resistance. Possibilities of suffering […]


Ajirna- Indigestion and the ensuing micronutrient deficiency.

  According to Ayurveda one would suffer from no disease if he had no indigestion. Indigestion, being the root cause of all diseases. Hippocrates too brought this wisdom to the western world long after Ayurveda had already propounded- ‘it all starts from the gut’. From the tongue to the tissue is a pretty long journey […]

Ayurvedic skin diseases

Skin Care In Winter Through Ayurveda

  Everything the life and world including our bodies, the food that we eat, the environment around us is composed of Tridoshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each has their fundamental properties and qualities. Vata The principle of movement is the ruling dosha for winter season. Every change in climate shows effect on skin. The cold […]

Inside MRI Scanner From Your Harmless Work Chair

  In this city, popular as a start-up capital, everyone has a certain amount of work in front of the computer system. Right from the local baniya who is making digital bills and updating his stock, to a doctor writing a blog and may also now manage their clinics with software’s! With numerous more being […]

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