Month: March 2024

Stay Cool and Hydrated: Ayurvedic Tips for Summer Dehydration

As we step into the heart of the summertime, regarded inside the Ayurvedic tradition as Greeshma Ritu, the sector around us is bathed within the solar’s radiance, bringing life and power to the whole lot it touches. Yet, this season also demands situations for us to maintain our cool, both physically and mentally, amidst the […]

Beat the Heat Naturally: Ayurvedic Remedies for Summer

The summer season is a season of heat, power, and vibrant existence. Known as Greeshma Ritu within the Ayurvedic calendar, this time gives us an exquisite danger to realign our lifestyle with the rhythms of nature, making sure our health and well-being are at their top. As the temperatures leap, adapting our daily workouts will […]

Beat the Heat: Ayurvedic Diet Recommendations for Summer Wellness

As the calendar marks the appearance of Greeshma Ritu, the splendor of summer unfolds, bringing with it the warmth and radiance of the solar. In this season of heat, The Travancore Ayurvedic clinic introduces the idea of Summer Moksha Treatment, a holistic approach designed to harmonize our internal climate with the external surroundings. This historical […]

Ayurvedic Advice for Keeping Cool and Healthy This Summer

As the wheel of seasons turns to Greeshma Ritu, the amazing summer season in the Ayurvedic calendar, our environment bursts right into a symphony of warmth and vibrancy. This period is an invitation to embody the age-antique information of Ayurveda, mainly the exercising benefits of Summer Moksha Treatment in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vizag, and Vijayawada, which […]

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