Author: Dr Priyanka K.J

Centre Head - Nallagandla, Travancore Ayurveda.


“Welcome to An Ayurvedic Detox retreat program of Travancore Ayurveda  . Nasya karma is one of the 5 Internal  detox programs – Shodhana Karma  . let’s discuss about Nasya karma “ Nasyam is one of the powerful Panchakarma therapy. Ayurveda considers nostrils to be the direct way to the brain and Nasyam therapy that involves […]


Anxiety is a feeling of worry or fear especially about the future. It is a very common problem seen now a days especially after the hit of global pandemic Covid-19. The sudden pause in each person’s life has affected the mental wellbeing of many individuals in a negative way thereby causing this Anxiety. Though it […]

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