Ayurveda Treatment For Schizophrenia

Ayurveda Treatment For Schizophrenia

Mental Diseases – Ayurvedic Treatment For Mental Disorders

Ayurveda is a comprehensive system of medicine. The human is a whole. It is an entire being, not confined to its gross form but also its subtler awareness, feelings and desires.

“Sharir Indriya satva atma samyogo Dhari jivitam.”

A human is a matrix of its body, sense organs, mind and soul. Here in, the organism thrives.

Mental disorders are elucidated in such great depth and detail in the ancient texts of ayurveda that it astounds one with the power of its successful healing therapies. At Travancore Ayurveda we are greatly humbled to have inherited this knowledge from the ancient sages and bring them forward to help treat you.

While the contemporary ayurvedic treatment for psychiatric problems may not be holistic, Ayurveda ensures, you not only heal the problems but also develop a resilient emotional quotient to face everything life throws in your way.

Travancore Ayurveda helps you treat, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, stress and anxiety disorders, psychoses, Schizophrenia, amnesia, Substance dependence, social anxiety disorder, personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder etc.

Ayurvedic Treatments offered:

Potent medicinal treatments that help restore mental balance, along with therapies like shirodhara, virechan, vasti, shiroabhyanga, trataka, nasya, karna purana, yoga nidra, yogasana etc.