Awards and Accomplishments


We are thrilled to announce that our Travancore Ayurvedic Clinic, has been honored with the prestigious ‘Global Healthcare Brand of the Year Award 2023 in New Delhi’ as the Most Trusted Ayurvedic Clinics in India. This remarkable achievement is a testament to our Travancore Ayurveda’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services rooted in ancient wisdom.
The recognition of Travancore Ayurveda as the ‘Global Healthcare Brand of the Year’ is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering focus on delivering exceptional healthcare services. This prestigious award brings well-deserved recognition not only to the clinic but also to the ancient science of Ayurveda itself. It highlights the effectiveness and trustworthiness of Ayurvedic treatments in addressing various health concerns.
Travancore Ayurveda’s unwavering dedication to providing holistic wellness solutions has earned the trust and admiration of patients from all walks of life. Our commitment to patient satisfaction, coupled with a genuine concern for the overall well-being of individuals, sets us apart as a leading Ayurvedic clinic in India.

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